Your Holiday Wax Guide

Your Holiday Wax Guide will help get you Beach ready…

You’re going on Holiday, you don’t want to waste your time shaving every day so why not bite the bullet and let us wax you, you’ll be smooth and  carefree to enjoy sea, sand and Sangria without the stubble. We are the experts in Waxing Top to Toe. We’ll give you great results whether you get waxed regularly or just once a year.

Slap on the Sunscreen

How long before my holiday should I wax?

We recommend coming in to see us for your holiday wax a full 48 hours before you jet off. Here’s why…Waxing removes hair from the root which temporarilly leaves the pore open. Any redness or plucked chicken skin will have subsided within 48 hours. Your freshly waxed skin needs to be kept cool and clean so having your wax a couple of days in advance allows a cooldown. We don’t recommend you swim straight after a wax as salt water and chlorinated water can irritate.

How long does my hair need to be?

We get asked this alot! You need to be brave and put down the razor 4 weeks before your appointment. You can get away with 2 weeks on your underarms but everywhere else it has to be 4 weeks. Growing the hair will give you the best wax results and be more comfortable. Our expert waxing therapists prefer you to be too hairy as we can easily trim but if you’re too short the wax won’t grip and you will get poor results.

When can I get a spray tan?

It’s best to wait 24 hours after your wax before you get a spray tan so your pores have closed.

Can I use the sunbeds and sunbathe after my Wax?

You absolutely must not expose your skin to sun or sunbeds in the first 48 hours after a wax. Waxing will act as an exfolliant so you will burn more easily immediatly after a wax. We advise you use a higher factor sunscreen to protect your skin for the first few days of your holiday.

How shall I care for my skin while I’m holiday?

We have some wonderful products available to help you care for your skin after a wax. Our Aloe vera gel will soothe any redness immediatly after your wax and may come in handy while you’re on holiday if you catch too much sun. We stock Ruff Stuff body scrub which is a natural blend of sugar and coconut oil, it will gently exfoliate dead skin cells whilst leaving coconut oil as a moisturiser to keep your skin soft. We will happily advise you on the products to suit your skin after a wax.

Book in Advance for admiring glances

How Can I Book an Appointment?

Our regular clients love the online booking system, it’s live and gives you up to date availability 24 hours a day so there is no need to wait to call during opening hours only. We are open 7 days a week and late night appointments are available Tuesday to Friday. Our busiest time of year is summer when advance booking is essential.

The Waxologist Guide to: Ingrown Hair

Here at The Waxologist one thing can be said about us and that is that NOTHING phases us! Haemorrhoids; Periods; ingrown hair…… the lot!

But we can surely say that we LOVE ingrown hairs…. Well, we don’t love you getting them but we sure do love removing them. And of course, helping to prevent them.

Ingrown hairs usually occur in areas where we would shave or wax i.e.. Armpits, beard, neck, legs, chest, pubic region… but they can appear anywhere.

Check out this video from YouTube of an ingrown hair being removed from a guy’s back:

Why do we get ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs happen for several reasons:

  • tight fitting clothing (leggings, tights, overalls, chef whites, cycling shorts)
  • hair removal (waxing, shaving, depilatories)
  • dry skin (lack of exfoliating)
  • naturally curly hair

What symptoms occur with ingrown hairs?

  • red bumps under the skin which can be very painful
  • tiny black dots on the skin
  • tenderness
  • possible heat due to infection; if infection gets worse you could start to fell unwell.

How do we treat ingrown hair?

Here’s the fun bit for us!

We have a special tool which looks a bit like tweezers but the ends are like a hook. They are in fact specially made for acne but work in the same way with ingrown hairs. If there is a pore above the hair, the tool easily pushes through the pore with minimal discomfort and simply flicks the hair out of the pore. This takes a few seconds and we can remove most without the client even noticing.

If there is no pore present (this can happen if the hair has been pushed sideways and is growing straight under the skin rather than coiling) we would use a solution on the skin to exfoliate and encourage to hair to surface.

Our fave is ALOE CLEAR

Aloe clear is very effective in combatting horrible ingrown hairs, due to its antibacterial, exfoliating action and with a natural blend of moisturising Aloe Vera, soothing Mentha Piperita, Aloe Clear delivers the clearest, freshest skin possible after hair removal and also lifts pre-existing ingrown hairs to the surface…. We absolutely love it! We all use it and recommend it – you can buy it from us in the salon.

How can we prevent ingrown hair?

The best advice we can give you to prevent ingrown hairs is…. Follow our aftercare!!!!!

This includes…

  • exfoliating (prevents dry skin which can prevent the hair from growing through easily and instead coiling round and forming a large bump under the skin).
  • moisturise (this again helps to soften the skin making it much easier for the hair to push through).
  • wear loose clothing after hair removal and once regrowth starts.
  • use Aloe Clear if you are prone to spots and ingrown hairs, as this will keep the skin clear and thoroughly exfoliate the skin.

I hope this blog on ingrown hairs can help you achieve the clear, smooth, hair free skin you desire.

Got a question? Have a look at our frequently asked questions page or drop us an email

We will see you at your next wax 😉

The Waxologist Team

Waxing For Bodybuilders

Why do Bodybuilders remove body hair?

Bodybuilders remove body hair to flaunt their ripped muscles. The hair disguises and dulls the contours they’ve worked hard to create so the hair HAS to go. There are many articles on the best ways to get rid of hair for bodybuilders (see this Livestrong article and here on The Boxing Scene) but why choose waxing instead of shaving or hair removal cream?

Cost Effective hair removal…

Shaving certainly seems cheaper and in the short term yes, its quick and cheap. When you are removing the hair from your entire body however you’re going to want to use high quality blades that are sharp. So you’re looking at two plus blades per shave as well as cream. It’s worth thinking about how often you’ll shave too. Will it be once a week or every other day? Of course this depends on your general hairiness, the colour of hair (darker hair shows up faster), whether you like to be looking smooth and buffed every day or just for competitions. If it’s a once in a blue moon smooth body you’re after then shaving is fine. If you want to appear smooth all the time then you are far better booking a full body wax, lying back and letting us do the hard work, because waxing removes hair from the root you’ll not have to think about it for at least four weeks.

Sensitive skin?

Depilatory cream is also a good way of removing hair on odd occasions. It’s marginally better than shaving. It doesn’t create a sharp edge from the blade when the hair is removed. So it’s not quite so cactus like for regrowth but, it’s pretty stinky and packed with harsh chemicals which can burn some sensitive skin types. Cost wise its reasonably cheap if you are only doing it once in a while.

Longer lasting

Waxing offers long lasting smooth skin with a higher one off payment for the appointment. If you work on the basis of once a month appointments it works out to be very cost effective. And the more you wax the better the results. You’ll see your hair become softer, finer and look lighter in colour. If you follow our aftercare advice your skin will stay smooth and bump free.

We know Bodybuliders love a fake tan to further define and accentuate musle definition. Waxing creates the perfect base for your tan. By removing dead skin cells and giving you a better even finish and longer lasting tan.

The few seconds of pain is worth the gain. If you don’t believe us, check out this video from Gert Louw:

After spending so much time working hard to build, let us get you smooth and competition ready. Your time is precious so don’t waste it on shaving your entire body. It will only grow back stubbly, itchy and ugly the next day. Got a question? Have a look at our frequently asked questions page or drop us an email

Having a wax after a baby

Having a Wax after a baby………

Having your first post partum wax may be top of your ‘Get back to normal’ list six weeks after your baby has been born. Or it might be the last thing on your mind six months on. Whichever it is we want to take care of your concerns and ease you back in to waxing gently. So here’s our guide to having a wax after a baby…

Some clients are pretty nervous when coming in after having a baby and the first words out of their mouth are ‘Is this gonna hurt more?’. Waxing is never completely painless but we’ll always do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible and we’ll work around you. If you’ve left it a long while to begin waxing again and you’re feeling apprehensive you might prefer to begin with a basic bikini wax and work up to your usual wax of say a Brazilian (see this blog for the differences between our waxes).

wax after a baby

When is the right time for a wax after a baby?

There is no perfect time, as everyone’s experience of birth is different. However we’d recommend leaving it a minimum of six weeks after having your baby before coming for a wax. When you do come for a wax we’ll need to know if you had a ceasarian section, assisted birth, or any stitches from a tear or episiotomy. We wait six months to wax directly over any scar. So if you’ve had a section or episiotomy we will wax around the area till then.

What does it look like down there?

We understand you may feel concerned about your post baby body. But, we weren’t interested in how your vulva looked before you gave birth and we’re not interested now. We’re here to make you feel good and get that hair out,  not to judge you. Besides three out of four of us waxers are mothers, we’ve been there and we don’t want judgement either!

Here at The Waxologist, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and make your first postpartum wax as easy as possible. When you make your appointment please write any information in the notes area so we may add additional time to the appointment if needed.

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Wax & Love

The Waxologist Ltd

Thinking about having your back waxed?

Considering your first Back Wax? Here’s what to expect and how to prepare…

Male back waxing is a very popular treatment all year round at The Waxologist in Manchester however we have a spike of busyness in summer for this treatment as many men feel more confident on holiday with a lovely smooth back.

back wax

Why not DIY Back wax?

We have many men come for a back wax that have previously tried to tame the hair themselves either by shaving, depilatory cream or waxing. It’s an area that’s hard to reach and see so you’re unlikely to get the best results doing it yourself and neither shaving or hair removal creams last long as they remove only the hair above the skin whereas waxing removes the hair right out of the root so a new softer finer hair grows back taking more time and giving you smoother skin for longer.

My Partner wants to wax my back!

Fact. Waxing is fun. Here at The Waxologist we wax all day long and it’s satisfying to take a client from hairy to bare, but here’s the thing… we’re highly trained, qualified and experienced as well as being insured. We’ll remove the hair quickly with minimum trauma to the skin using products chosen to suit your skin and hair type. I’m sure your partner is a wonderful person who would enjoy watching you wriggle and shriek as they try out a home waxing kit that could lead to a silly argument, a rubbish job and you’re more likely to suffer contra indications or issues afterwards. There are better ways to spend an evening with your loved one so JUST SAY NO!

When shall I book?

If you’ve never had a wax before it’s a good idea to have a trial back wax before the holiday back wax, this will allow us to see what works best for your skin and hair type. Ideally you would come for your holiday wax two or three days before you go away, this allows any reaction to settle and you’ll be able to follow aftercare by not swimming or sunbathing in the 48 hours after the wax. For the trial wax six weeks before would be perfect to allow enough time for the hair to grow through ready for the subsequent wax.

How often do I need to wax my back?

You don’t need to wax your back! It’s a choice and its individual. We have many clients that we see once a year before a holiday and we have regulars we see every four weeks. Most men start to develop more hair on their back with age so at 30 years old there might be a light spattering of hair on the shoulder blades and a patch on the lower back just above the waist band but by 40 years old hair will have spread out to the whole back and as the years progress the hair may become longer and denser. If you want to see a reduction in hair growth and you like having a smooth back, then we’d suggest coming in every four to six weeks otherwise just book in whenever suits you.

back wax

What do I need to do before I get my back waxed?

If you normally shave or trim don’t remove hair for a minimum of four weeks before your appointment. Stay out of the sun or off the sunbed as sunburnt skin cannot be waxed. Exfoliate gently in the shower and don’t apply any potions or lotions prior to your appointment. If you can avoid caffeine for a couple of hours before your appointment it can minimise pain as stimulants in the system can sensitise you to pain.

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