The Brazilian Wax

Our clients say we do The Best Brazilian Wax in Manchester! Our commitment is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst having this Intimate treatment. Plus the attention to detail from our highly trained and experienced staff, has brought us clients from all over the North West. Many of whom have taken the time to leave us glowing five star reviews.

The Brazilian Wax phrase was coined in the late 1980’s by the J sisters in New York. They brought their waxing style from Brazil where bikinis are so tiny the wearer needs to remove ALL pubic hair. When you have a Brazilian Wax ALL pubic hair should be removed. From Front to back, inside out leaving only a strip on the pubic mound. Or you may prefer the Hollywood style of All Off. Either way its the same price and takes the same time.Save

How We Wax

We work quickly and efficiently so you’re in and out of the salon within 30 minutes. For our Brazilian wax we use Europeon peelable wax which doesn’t require the use of paper strips. Instead the wax dries on the skin, and is removed taking the hair and root from under the skin with it. This wax causes no irritation or redness to the skin so you leave feeling smooth and in no discomfort. We stock a range of after care products and you will leave with a full written guide on caring for your freshly waxed skin.

Your Waxologist will also answer any questions or concerns you might have. All staff at The Waxologist are qualified, insured and undertake regular in house skills days to ensure you get the best experience.

Please ensure you have a minimum of 3 weeks growth or 1cm for good results.

You’ve now landed in Brazil!

Our Brazilian Wax

Here’s what some of Our clients say about Our Brazilian Wax

Brilliant! Lauren puts you at ease immediately. I’ve been coming for a while now and can definitely recommend.

Emma, Chorlton


I’ve been having Brazillian waxes for several years, and learned about The Waxologist just over 2 years ago. Since having a wax by Lauren I have never gone anywhere else. Lauren is extremely friendly and will make you feel completely at ease. She is very professional and very efficient. I recently also had a wax by Ellen and I am just as happy with the wax she did, Ellen is also very friendly and efficient.

Samantha, Cheshire


I’ve been coming to the Waxologist for a little while now and have been waxed by Lauren, Ellen and Lorna. All the girls are lovely and professional and I’ve always had great results. They make you feels so at ease and the whole process is so quick- couldn’t recommend enough!

Chloe, Stockport


Amazing results and service! Felt comfortable and at ease from the beginning and super happy with the results. Thank you Lorna!
Sarah, Manchester
Went for my first intimate wax and it’s fair to say I was terrified. But Dannielle was wonderful. She was completely professional, put me at ease and it wasn’t as sore as I had feared. And the results were amazing. I will definitely be back.
Claire, Cheshire
Maureen Magana reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

I have always wanted to have a full bikini wax but was very nervous about the pain and also very shy about the whole experience. I did loads of research and finally felt waxologist would suit my needs best, needless to say the reviews don’t lie. Lauren was fab, she instantly made me feel very comfortable. I explained my nervousness and she was very understanding.We got talking and before i knew it was all done. I genuinely could not recommend Lauren enough, she was absolutely

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Sabrina Wagner reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

I recently decided to bite the bullet and get waxed. I was quite nervous about it all as I’ve never had it done before. There was no reason for being nervous though and the experience was very pleasant. Both Lauren and Ellen are very professional and know how to make you feel comfortable. The salon is very nicely decotated, too. I now go regularly and don’t look back at all. Neither would I want to go to any other place.

Kim Gray reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

I am so happy I found this place!! Lauren was so nice, we had a lovely chat & she made me feel very comfortable. I arrived early for my appointment and found the salon itself very welcoming. A lovely lady from another area even made me a brew. The wax itself was the least painful wax I’ve ever had and the results are amazing! Thanks again! I’ll be back in 4 weeks.

Laura Gormley reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

Absolutly love this place! I’ve been a bit nervous for a while about getting an intimate wax but I decided to go for it! Well… the salon was beautiful, relaxing and welcoming. Lorna made me feel right at home, my nerves went instantly and she did an amazing job! I’ve already booked my next appointment, I would highly recommend xx

Bekki Lancaster reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

So glad that I’ve worked my way around saloons finding the best. Lauren was extremely professional and made me feel so comfortable, the service was also very speedy only taking 25 minutes compared to some that take 40+. I’ll definitely be back, which I don’t say often the result is the best I’ve had to date especially when you consider the price. I’d recommend to anyone who wants an intimate wax

Emma Maher reviewed The Waxologist Waxing Salon5 star

There is no where else I would go, Lauren puts you at ease & makes you feel so comfortable. She’s so chatty and friendly I love just having a natter during my wax then before I know its all done & im hair free. It’s so quick and efficient I have never EVER been disapointed & im sure the other girls are just as amazing as Lauren. I would 100% recommend this salon to anyone.

For more information read my guide to all the different type of intimate waxing here and FAQs here



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