The Waxologist Aftercare Advice Guide
Here are a few Tips on Keeping yourself Smooth and minimising adverse reactions to Waxing!
Redness, Bumps and tenderness for up to 48hrs after a wax are normal reactions but if you’re concerned you can always reach us by emailing

Don’t go on a sunbed or sunbathe
Don’t take a hot bath or shower (just lower the temp slightly and you’ll be fine)
Don’t go work up a sweat in the gym or partake in any hard exercise or sport
Don’t apply fake tan or Make up to waxed areas
Don’t use deodorant, perfume, potions or lotions that have not been advised by The Waxologist
Avoid the following: Heat, Friction, tight clothes, swimming in chlorinated pools
Do Wear Loose comfortable clothing
Do Apply an antiseptic cream regularly for 48 hrs or longer

To Maintain Your skin and avoid Ingrown Hair Exfoliate up to three times a week using Mitts or any product reccomended by The Waxologist, Moisturise Daily.