I first met Penny when she started coming to me for Waxing treatments, we got chatting and she told me about her business Davis Permanent Cosmetics with her husband Phil who is an expert permanent cosmetics make up artist.

Brow Intervention

InstantMe mate with the bad browsly a good friend of mine sprang to my mind. She needed help. Badly. Despite being one of the most stylish women I know she had the brows of a Cartoon Bronx prostitute (God I hope she doesn’t read my blogs!). Having overplucked in her teens she’d taken to drawing them on (I think with a black marker pen maybe?). They were big, dark and unnatural looking. I told Penny and Phil about her and they agreed we would stage a ‘Brow Intervention’. Two appointments later the prostitute had gone and she sported gorgeous natural hairstroke brows that suited her colouring. The black marker was in the bin-Phew!



Moving In

Opening party cakes

A few months later Penny told me they were getting their own premises; the rest is history, as they say.  I moved my business into their Permanent Cosmetics Clinic in July 2016 and so far so happy! Now I hadn’t thought of myself ever having a tattoo let alone make up tattooed onto my face.  But I began to see Phil’s clients breeze in and out and was steadily becoming more interested and impressed.  However, I’ve done my own brows for years, I wasn’t really up for someone else touching them. I’m a control freak and besides, could someone really be as good as me at my brows?  I had to admit I was becoming tired of my 3 week tint sessions. I have brows but they are white blonde and need constant attention to avoid the ‘Ginger Zombie’ look.


Permanent Cosmetics – trying it out

lol brow

WoW Brows!

On a whim one day (If you can call thinking about it for three months a whim) I had my brows tattooed on. We sat and chose the colour which Phil blended for me, a light warm brown and then the fun began. It took two hours, but it went so fast. Phil was very patient with me and throughout the appointment he showed me what he was doing. He really worked with me to get exactly what I wanted.

I was so impressed that a few weeks later I had the eyelash enhancer.  This is where he tattoos tiny dots between each eyelash making your lash line stand out without actually having an eyeliner effect. I’m toying with the idea of having a very fine line next, as I love how my eyes are framed now. Most people are concerned with the pain and all I can say is he is not shy with the topical anesthetic cream.  Its nothing more than uncomfortable at times. I didn’t even take my favourite Valium I was so relaxed!



Eyelash Enhancer Treatment

Love it!

I would highly recommend Phil if you’re considering permanent cosmetics, he has such an eye for detail and I really love the fact he specialises in permanent cosmetics tattooing which means he can devote all his time to his craft. He’s got a really calm vibe which is good for me as I can get a little ‘excitable’ sometimes (very highly strung, prone to meltdowns) and have got up and walked out of the dentists before now. They observe a very strict hygiene policy and Phil seems to have this thing about wrapping stuff up in blue plastic, he says its to do with cross contamination but I think he just likes it!

Have a peek at their Facebook and Instagram and Website – as below: