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Here at The Waxologist we see a lot of women every day and we talk about anything and everything, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G; and that includes boobs, bras and lingerie!

What size we are; how we feel about said size; what we were before babies; what happened to our boobage post babies and where we shop for our boulder holders. This last one is especially true for us ladies who are rocking a little more than the UK average of a C cup.

Bras: Fit or Bust?

Bras fit guide

Aged 11 I had my first training bra from Tammy Girl, it was white with tiny purple flowers. I loved that bra, it was so pretty and I felt so grown up. Fast forward a year and I had progressed to M&S underwired bras in a 34B (is there anyone, anywhere who hasn’t ever been a 34B?).

2 years on and I was in a dressing room in Debenhams having a tape measure wrapped round me and being told that I was in fact a 34D. 34D? What? How had I jumped up two cup sizes, I was only 14? She must be wrong. Hot, red tears of embarrassment rolled down my face onto my heaving cleavage as she went off to find me some appropriately sized hammocks. All I could think of was my tiny boobed friends with their tiny figures rocking their backless tops whilst I sat sobbing into my mum’s shoulder feeling like my tits made me enormously fat.

Finally found what I was looking for!
1950's Formfit advert for bras

A few years later, I found Bravissimo. I got to my bra and a delightful lady told me straight off I was wearing the wrong size. Without wrapping me up in a tape measure, she just looked at me, pulled on my straps, disappeared and came back with a 32F. I tried on my beautiful lemon coloured bra with pretty flowers and instantly felt better! I skipped out and returned time and time again, year after year until now.

Bringing Sexy Back

Now I’m in my mid 30’s I have more body confidence, more money and so I want more choice. I want something sexier than a drab looking bandage, and Vanilla Fudge in Cheadle Hulme do not disappoint in the choice or sex appeal area.

Lisa, who owns Vanilla Fudge with Nicky couldn’t do enough for me. I’m trying (the operative word) to lose weight so told her I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I needed a couple of interim bras; something for every day and something sexy. I told her my size and then out came the bras without a tape measure in sight. Bra after bra, after bra was tried on for size, shape, comfort and look. Standing there with Lisa behind me, hoicking me in and out of bras for 30 minutes was an interesting experience; but it was great to see what style and brand suited my shape.

Lisa was incredibly attentive. She really took care of me whilst I was there and clearly knew her stuff, she knew what would suit me, brought them out and they felt and looked great! I left with one flesh coloured bra and a beautiful sheer red one for my something sexy! Both bras cost in total £70 which I think for all the boob I have, is pretty good!

Helen shopping at Vanilla Fudge for her bras

Vanilla Fudge is so local and full of choice and with no tape measures in sight, so I can’t get hung up on the numbers but concentrate more on the shape and how the bra makes me feel. Sexy is the new me thanks to Vanilla Fudge!

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