What the Pluck? – The most common Waxing questions answered

What’s so great about waxing? For the masses waxing is a far superior form of hair removal with many benefits: Hair is removed from the root so grows back softer, finer and slowly giving you much longer lasting smoothness than shaving or depilatory creams which cut across the hair on the skin making it tough course and stubbly to the touch. The more you wax the better the results with sparser regrowth which will eventually allow you more time between appointments, and in general you will just be much less hairy! To begin with though four weekly appointments will give you the best results.

Hot Wax or Strip Wax? People are often confused by the different Waxes and which is best. It’s not a question of one being better than the other but more which is best for the area or type of hair to be removed. Strip Wax also known as warm wax has a watery consistency, is applied thinly and taken off with a paper or fabric strip. Strip Wax is perfect for fine body hair so Leg Waxing, Back Waxing and I like to use it for ladies eyebrow waxing as I can get a really neat sharp line. Hot Wax also known as non strip wax, hard wax or Brazilian wax is a thicker consistency.

We use Europeon Wax brand’s including Perron Rigot, Outback Organics and Depelive. Having a choice of high quality waxes allows us to change according to the clients hair and skin type. Despite it being called Hot wax it is used at a much lower temperature than strip wax and as it’s used on Intimate areas and Pubic hair, this makes it more comfortable. Hot Wax is applied warm to skin then its sets and shrink wraps around the hair and away from skin making for a gentler Wax with fantastic results. We use only Hot Wax for all Intimate Waxing, Underarms and Facial Waxing.

We also use a range of pre and post Waxing care as the high quality really makes a difference to the treatment and therefore clients skin.

Our Hygiene Policy, We take Hygiene seriously and want to protect you and ourselves therefore we always wear gloves (vinyl not latex) when Waxing. We don’t Double Dip, we use a clean spatula each time we dip into the wax and then throw it away and take another fresh spatula. We keep all tweezers & scissors in Barbicide which is a hospital grade disinfectant.

Is Waxing for Everyone? Sorry but unfortunately, if you are suffering from diabetes, have varicose veins or poor circulation, a doctors note will be required for insurance purposes.  Waxing is not suitable for users of the following drug: Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Isotretinoin who are more susceptible to contra indications such as tearing due to the medication thinning the skin therefore leaving it more delicate. If skin is irritated, sunburnt or extremely dry it may be advisable to postpone your treatment. If you have moles, warts, pimples or skin tags the affected area can be waxed around.

What about my period? You can still come for a wax if you are having your period.  You should exfoliate before a wax and arrive clean & fresh, wipes will be available to all clients. You will need 4 weeks growth or 5mm of hair for successful treatment. Redness, a rash and tenderness are all normal reactions to waxing, these will subside within a day or two and people who Wax regularly suffer far less. Regular 4 weekly appointments are best unless advised otherwise by your Waxologist. For Intimate Waxing you will have to ‘lose your underwear’ this may be embarrassing for you at first but we do this all day everyday, it’s really no more fascinating for us than putting the kettle on so please don’t worry or feel self conscious. Read more in our guide to intimate waxing. Any other questions just get in touch.

Waxing Etiquette, To get the best results from Waxing you should exfoliate beforehand, Fresh wipes will be available to all clients so if you’re popping by on your lunch break or coming straight from work you’ll be able to freshen up.

Can I get a Wax while pregnant? Yes, you can come for  a wax whilst pregnant! Read our Blog for more information…

Keeping up Appearances! Exfoliate gently two to three times a week. Moisturise, Keep any and every area you have waxed soft by mouisterising regurlarly. An Un-perfumed and hypo-allergenic  product is best for intimate areas. something nice and  These steps should minimise the dreaded Ingrown hairs and keep your skin hydrated which is important as having dry skin waxed can lead to bruising or chaffing.

Ya’ll Take Care Now! After a wax you’ll want to take care by NOT doing the following for twenty four hours:

  • Don’t go on a sunbed or sunbathe
  • Don’t take a hot bath or shower (just lower the temp slightly and you’ll be fine)
  • Don’t go work up a sweat in the gym or partake in any hard exercise or sport
  • Don’t apply fake tan or Make up to waxed areas ( after 24hrs get that fake tan on and you’ll find it goes on much nicer to waxed skin than shaved)
  • Don’t use deodorant, perfume, potions or lotions that have not been advised by The Waxologist
  • Avoid the following: Heat, Friction, tight clothes, swimming in chlorinated pools