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Specialist Waxing Salon in Cheadle, Cheshire using the Best Hot Peelable Wax for the most Comfortable Brazilian wax in Manchester.

If you are nervous about going to be waxed for the first time, try a visit to The Waxologist in Cheadle….

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Female Waxing

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Male Waxing

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Laser Tattoo Removal

We are now able to offer Laser Tattoo Removal at our Massic Street clinic.  It’s a new service but the same focus on Comfort, Convenience and Friendly staff.  Click below to check out our sister company…

BABTAC Accredited Salon

The Waxologist, Manchester is a dedicated  Waxing salon, located in the centre of Cheadle, Stockport in South Manchester. We Wax Top to Toe, Front to Back, Any Hair Anywhere! If you’re a nervous ‘Wax Virgin’ or if you’ve had a ‘Waxing Nightmare’ come to us. We’ll put you at ease and show you that waxing doesn’t have to be embarrassing, awkward or horrifically painful. As hair removal specialists, you can be assured that all our therapists are highly trained and fully insured. And we’re great at what we do – so you’ll leave us feeling sleek, smooth and looking fantastic.

Intimate Waxing. This is our speciality – it’s a quick, hygienic and long lasting option to remove those unwanted hairs from your intimate area. Whether you want everything off (Hollywood), keep a small “landing strip” (Brazilian) or just neaten up your Bikini area come to us for great results and minimum discomfort.

Pain Free Waxing? We’d love to say that our waxing is totally painless but, sorry, there’s always going to be some discomfort. However, our clients tell us we give the most comfortable wax they’ve ever had and we make every effort to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible. Therapists are certified and fully insured with Babtac. Habia standards are also adhered to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. We also provide the full range of high quality pre and post waxing care as we believe it really makes a difference to the treatment and therefore your skin.

About our Waxes At the Waxologist we use a range of European waxes including hypo allergenic,  developed specifically for Intimate Waxing. People are often confused by the different waxes and which is best. It’s not a question of one being better than the other but more which is best for the area or type of hair to be removed.  Strip wax is perfect for fine body hair so leg waxing, back waxing and we like to use it for ladies eyebrow waxing as it can get a really neat sharp line. Hot wax, also known as non strip wax, hard wax or Brazilian wax is a thicker consistency. We use hot wax for all intimate, underarm and facial waxing. Despite being called hot wax it is used at a much lower temperature than strip wax and, as it’s used on intimate areas and pubic hair, this makes it more comfortable. Got more questions about waxing? Check out our FAQs

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