Your Guide to Waxing: Before and After

Excellent! You grew it!

Excellent! You grew it!

It’s Gotta Grow to Go!

Getting a last minute waxing appointment might seem like a great idea?  If you shaved last week though, you’re wasting your money and time. At least 5mm of hair is needed for the Wax to pick it up. This takes most people between three to four weeks to grow so be brave and put down that razor. Shaved hair is courser and the wax treatment is likely to be more painful so the longer you leave the hair to grow the better. When you shave, your hair will be at different stages of growth so it will take a couple of waxes to get everything growing at the same rate. Once you have this you’ll get smoother results that last longer.


Trial run

If you’re planning a holiday, wedding or any other special occasion it’s best to try out waxing in advance to make sure it’s right for you. Whether you can follow the aftercare of exfoliation and moisterising. Make sure you don’t have any extreme reactions (very rare). Most importantly to time it right so your next wax gives you the great results you want for your big event.

Take a Break

If you’re a Gym Bunny, you do a pole dancing class or you love a swim you’ll want to give these activities a break after your wax. Wait at least 48 hours after the first wax treatment as you will want to gauge how your skin reacts after waxing. Why?
Waxing removes hair from the root leaving you with open follicles. If you pop down the gym and get a sweat on too soon after a wax you are likely to get a rash, spots or itchiness and if you’re very lucky all three!

Put that down!

Put that down!


As well as aftercare we recommend you exfoliate right before the wax treatment. This will get rid of dead skin cells and will help free up any ingrown hair giving you a better result. We love Exfoliating mits, Ruff stuff body scrub and Japanese wash cloths. We stock a full range of products to help you care for your waxed skin.


Don’t come to your appointment glugging down a can of Coke or high on coffee, caffeine can heighten sensitivity making your wax treatment more painful.

Find a Parking spot

If its your first appointment at The Waxologist come in good time, you don’t want to be panicked, hot and sweaty. Pop on your sat nav, find a parking spot and arrive ten minute before your appointment time. This will allow you have a flick through a magazine and chat with your therapist beforehand. We book out a specific amount of time for each treatment and try not to keep clients waiting.

Ask Away!

Ask Away!

Loose Women

Wear something loose so your skin can stay cool and minimise after wax reactions.

Ask Away

There is plenty of time for a chin wag during your appointment so please ask away, anything and everything. You’ll leave with after care instructions, but do feel free to call or text if you want to ask anything after your appointment

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