Why Cyclists Wax Their Legs

Why Cyclists Wax Their Legs

Cyclists – step away from the razor!

Ever wondered why cyclists wax? Here are a few reasons………It’s race season, you’ve got a winters worth of leg hair and a series of races coming up. Do you shave, repeatedly? Or do you take the plunge the try a leg wax? There are many reasons male cyclists de-fuzz themselves. Not just through the race season but all year too.

Cyclists definite waxers

The dreaded Road Rash

Road rash is a graze times 10. The skin is literally burned off by the friction of you skidding along the ground. Ouch! If you happen to take a tumble, the wound can be more easily cleaned and cleared of grit if hair free. You’ll find that dressing your wound is easier. And of course removing any dressing if your legs are smooth too!


Post-Race a good hard rub down to soothe your aching muscles will be far more pleasant and effective if the masseuse has nice smooth legs to work on.

Waxing makes you go Faster!

Honestly, we’re not even making it up! A major bike manufacturer has done wind tunnel testing and has found there is an aerodynamic benefit to having smooth legs. The hairier you are, the more difference a wax will make. Trailing with six cyclists of varying pre-wax hairiness, the average saving over 40 kilometres was an impressive 70 seconds.

Cyclist going fast

To find out more about what the future Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins types were doing about their hairy legs, we had a spy on cyclechat.net to see what was going on. There was a really mixed bag of opinions knocking about and some of our favourite quotes were: –

“got waxed at a salon in Glasgow before I went cycling and it was great, would recommend it.”

“I shaved all the way up my legs, then a day later when the stubble started, it made my balls sore leaving me walking like John Wayne for the next couple of days”

“Shaving is a pain and you have to do it so often”

Why Wax When You Can shave?

Shaving, It is certainly easy to do and doesn’t cause any pain at the time.  However, it doesn’t last long, you’ll have stubble the very next day, so you’ll need to do it again and again and again. There’s razor rash and itching on re-growth to look forward to as well. A full leg wax is 30 minutes of your time, lasts up to 4 weeks, with no rash or itching when it grows back.

Cyclist sure he waxed


Here at The Waxologist, we’re used to waxing men from top to toe (apart from the dangly bits, we don’t do those). As Waxing Specialists, we can attest that waxing men’s legs is quite different from waxing women’s. We have many cyclists, Male and Female, from professionals to summer time enthusiasts, who are regular clients after enjoying the pros of a good professional wax.

Does it hurt?

There is one part of waxing we skipped over and we shall skip no more. The pain. We all have different pain thresholds and if you’ve fallen off your bike, a leg wax is not as painful as that! Honestly, it’s a short flick of discomfort and nothing more!

Lady cyclists with bare legs

Happy Waxing Folks!

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