The Waxologist Hygiene Policy with Covid-19 Update

The Waxologist Hygiene Policy with Covid-19 Update

Our Health & Hygiene Policy

In 2020 Salon and staff hygiene became more important than ever before with the arrival or Covid-19. Our high standard of hygiene practice allowed us to work safely through the Pandemic when we were permitted to. We completed risk assessments and added social distancing rules and additional cleaning practices. 

Performing Waxing Treatments Safely and Hygienically

Our therapists wear a fresh pair of biodegradable nitryl gloves for each client. We don’t Double Dip spatulas. We use a fresh spatula each time we dip into the wax to avoid cross contamination. Our spatula use is offset with a monthly donation to The Woodland Trust. We disinfect Work surfaces with medical grade between clients and our Tools such as Tweezers and scissors are kept in Barbicide and heat treated daily. We don’t use Towels or blankets on our treatment beds, instead we use a high quality Vinyl cover which is cleaned between each client. 

Covid-19 Precautions.

We have the Track & Trace QR code in Reception and temperature checks are performed for staff & clients. Our Staff & Clients must wear an adequate face covering. We continually clean handles and devices throughout the working day. Social distancing is ensured in communal areas so you’ll never find more than 3 people in reception at any one time. We have Hand Gel available throughout the building. Air conditioning set to flow fresh air into each waxing room. 
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