About Us

Since our opening in 2013 we have built our reputation on client focused service and expert Waxing.

The Waxologist mantra is ‘Friendly, Convenient, Comfortable”

Friendly…You need someone friendly, approachable, caring when you’re having an intimate wax or laser treatment. Our therapists are picked from many applicants, not just for their skills but for their naturally friendly and empathic natures. All our team are people persons.

Convenient…in balancing modern life we’re busier than ever so we’ve developed our business with your convenience in mind… our live online booking system where you can book your appointment without picking up a phone 24 hrs a day. We’re open seven days a week with late nights, our salon is a 1 minute walk from a large car park. We’ve removed the traditional reception desk from our salon in favour of a door buzzer system…each therapist has a buzzer and you’ll be welcomed by them, treated by them and they’ll take your payment and book you a new appointment.

Comfortable…in every way. We’re expert at settling nerves, spending all day de fuzzing naked bodies, you’ll soon forget about any embarrassment you had about nudity. Our clients say we give the most comfortable wax they ever had, just read our reviews! Our Wax is developed for superior results whilst being gentle on skin.

In 2020 we introduced Laser Tattoo Removal to our business after hearing client’s express embarrassment and regret about the inks they’ve had in the past. In 2022 we added Laser Hair removal to our offerings. After sending people that were not suitable for waxing to other clinics for years, we deemed it time to invest in the equipment to allow us to treat them ourselves, embarking on an extensive training and education programme that is ogoing…laser is not for dummies.

Through the growing and changing, our focus remains on you…we send out mystery customer forms at random every week to gain insight and feedback into your experience in our salon…a fresh set of eyes can often see things we cannot.

You can get to know us better by following us on Instagram or Facebook…We’re good for a giggle!

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