The Waxologist Hygiene Policy with Covid-19 Update

Our Health & Hygiene Policy

In 2020 Salon and staff hygiene became more important than ever before with the arrival or Covid-19. Our high standard of hygiene practice allowed us to work safely through the Pandemic when we were permitted to. We completed risk assessments and added social distancing rules and additional cleaning practices. 

Performing Waxing Treatments Safely and Hygienically

Our therapists wear a fresh pair of biodegradable nitryl gloves for each client. We don’t Double Dip spatulas. We use a fresh spatula each time we dip into the wax to avoid cross contamination. Our spatula use is offset with a monthly donation to The Woodland Trust. We disinfect Work surfaces with medical grade between clients and our Tools such as Tweezers and scissors are kept in Barbicide and heat treated daily. We don’t use Towels or blankets on our treatment beds, instead we use a high quality Vinyl cover which is cleaned between each client. 

Covid-19 Precautions.

We have the Track & Trace QR code in Reception and temperature checks are performed for staff & clients. Our Staff & Clients must wear an adequate face covering.
We continually clean handles and devices throughout the working day. Social distancing is ensured in communal areas so you’ll never find more than 3 people in reception at any one time. We have Hand Gel available throughout the building. Air conditioning set to flow fresh air into each waxing room. 

#Checkinandwin competition

Competition Prize

To win £25 off your next treatment all you need to do is check in with a selfie at The Waxologist using the hashtag #checkinandwin

Competition Rules

On Facebook you can check in with a post tagging us in

On Instagram create a post with The Waxologist as your location and tag us in

On Twitter you can tweet that you are here and tag us in.

You can do either or all of the above. The more creative the entry, the better! Remember to use the hashtag #checkinandwin

Each entry will count in our monthly draw and the winner will get £25 off their next treatment. All winners announced via our social media channels. T&Cs apply (as below)


All our social media handles are below in case you don’t already follow us (and if you don’t why not?):

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Competition Terms & Conditions:

  • 1 entry per social media post as per the rules outlined below:
    • Facebook – must be a post, checked in at The Waxologist and tag in The Waxologist FB page
    • Instagram – must be a post in the feed using The Waxologist as the location and tag in The Waxologist Instagram page
    • Twitter – must be a tweet tagging in The Waxologist twitter account
  • Any additional entries will not be counted
  • 1 winner will be picked at random using a random number generator each month and announced via The Waxologist social media pages
  • Winner credit will be automatically applied through booking system to next treatment and cannot be exchanged for a cash prize
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • The monthly competition runs from 1st of the month to final working day of the month and winner will be announced the following week.
  • Entries for previous months will be discarded and therefore clients are able to enter in multiple months providing the post differs each month.

Getting Waxed on Your Period

period waxCan I have a wax whilst on a Period? Our answer is YES! Yes, you can get waxed whilst you’re having your period.

Periods. They can turn up unexpectedly and if you’ve got a wax booked we don’t want you to have to cancel or reschedule. So here is our guide to having a wax whilst you’re having your period.

Sorry, not sorry

We don’t want you to apologise. There really is no need. Having periods are a normal part of most women’s lives and we want to make you feel great. It’s our job and we want to do it well.

Wearing a Tampon

If you use tampons just wear one as normal, we will work around the string. We have tampons for our clients in the bathroom if you have been taken by surprise.

Wearing a Pad

If you wear a pad just let your therapist know and we will leave you to prepare alone with intimate wipes. We have a sanitary bin in the Client toilet if you wish to change your pad before or after your waxing treatment. We also keep a well stocked bathroom for clients where you’ll find pads if you need them.

period waxedMenstrual cup

We’re seing more and more of these, which is great as they are reusable so cheaper in the long run and better ecologically too! If you use a menstrual cup just wear as normal. If you’re interested in trying one out here’s a couple links.


Ethical Superstore

Period Pants

These are leakproof knickers that are super absorbant and can be re washed. If you wear these, let us know and we will leave you to get ready with Intimate wipes. Our clients have reccomended the following Period pants to us if you’re interested in trying them out.



What happens if I bleed on the bed? Not alot! We wipe the bed down as normal. We know there is alot of stigma attached to period blood but not in our salon. We don’t feel it’s unhygenic or dirty, the fact that it comes from your vagina is irrellevant.

period products

Just for you!

Will waxing hurt more if I’m on a period? We can find no evidence to suggest so.

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Got another question? Check out our frequently asked questions here

Your Holiday Wax Guide

Your Holiday Wax Guide will help get you Beach ready…

You’re going on Holiday, you don’t want to waste your time shaving every day so why not bite the bullet and let us wax you, you’ll be smooth and  carefree to enjoy sea, sand and Sangria without the stubble. We are the experts in Waxing Top to Toe. We’ll give you great results whether you get waxed regularly or just once a year.

Slap on the Sunscreen

How long before my holiday should I wax?

We recommend coming in to see us for your holiday wax a full 48 hours before you jet off. Here’s why…Waxing removes hair from the root which temporarilly leaves the pore open. Any redness or plucked chicken skin will have subsided within 48 hours. Your freshly waxed skin needs to be kept cool and clean so having your wax a couple of days in advance allows a cooldown. We don’t recommend you swim straight after a wax as salt water and chlorinated water can irritate.

How long does my hair need to be?

We get asked this alot! You need to be brave and put down the razor 4 weeks before your appointment. You can get away with 2 weeks on your underarms but everywhere else it has to be 4 weeks. Growing the hair will give you the best wax results and be more comfortable. Our expert waxing therapists prefer you to be too hairy as we can easily trim but if you’re too short the wax won’t grip and you will get poor results.

When can I get a spray tan?

It’s best to wait 24 hours after your wax before you get a spray tan so your pores have closed.

Can I use the sunbeds and sunbathe after my Wax?

You absolutely must not expose your skin to sun or sunbeds in the first 48 hours after a wax. Waxing will act as an exfolliant so you will burn more easily immediatly after a wax. We advise you use a higher factor sunscreen to protect your skin for the first few days of your holiday.

How shall I care for my skin while I’m holiday?

We have some wonderful products available to help you care for your skin after a wax. Our Aloe vera gel will soothe any redness immediatly after your wax and may come in handy while you’re on holiday if you catch too much sun. We stock Ruff Stuff body scrub which is a natural blend of sugar and coconut oil, it will gently exfoliate dead skin cells whilst leaving coconut oil as a moisturiser to keep your skin soft. We will happily advise you on the products to suit your skin after a wax.

Book in Advance for admiring glances

How Can I Book an Appointment?

Our regular clients love the online booking system, it’s live and gives you up to date availability 24 hours a day so there is no need to wait to call during opening hours only. We are open 7 days a week and late night appointments are available Tuesday to Friday. Our busiest time of year is summer when advance booking is essential.

The Waxologist Guide to: Ingrown Hair

Here at The Waxologist one thing can be said about us and that is that NOTHING phases us! Haemorrhoids; Periods; ingrown hair…… the lot!

But we can surely say that we LOVE ingrown hairs…. Well, we don’t love you getting them but we sure do love removing them. And of course, helping to prevent them.

Ingrown hairs usually occur in areas where we would shave or wax i.e.. Armpits, beard, neck, legs, chest, pubic region… but they can appear anywhere.

Check out this video from YouTube of an ingrown hair being removed from a guy’s back:

Why do we get ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs happen for several reasons:

  • tight fitting clothing (leggings, tights, overalls, chef whites, cycling shorts)
  • hair removal (waxing, shaving, depilatories)
  • dry skin (lack of exfoliating)
  • naturally curly hair

What symptoms occur with ingrown hairs?

  • red bumps under the skin which can be very painful
  • tiny black dots on the skin
  • tenderness
  • possible heat due to infection; if infection gets worse you could start to fell unwell.

How do we treat ingrown hair?

Here’s the fun bit for us!

We have a special tool which looks a bit like tweezers but the ends are like a hook. They are in fact specially made for acne but work in the same way with ingrown hairs. If there is a pore above the hair, the tool easily pushes through the pore with minimal discomfort and simply flicks the hair out of the pore. This takes a few seconds and we can remove most without the client even noticing.

If there is no pore present (this can happen if the hair has been pushed sideways and is growing straight under the skin rather than coiling) we would use a solution on the skin to exfoliate and encourage to hair to surface.

Our fave is ALOE CLEAR

Aloe clear is very effective in combatting horrible ingrown hairs, due to its antibacterial, exfoliating action and with a natural blend of moisturising Aloe Vera, soothing Mentha Piperita, Aloe Clear delivers the clearest, freshest skin possible after hair removal and also lifts pre-existing ingrown hairs to the surface…. We absolutely love it! We all use it and recommend it – you can buy it from us in the salon.

How can we prevent ingrown hair?

The best advice we can give you to prevent ingrown hairs is…. Follow our aftercare!!!!!

This includes…

  • exfoliating (prevents dry skin which can prevent the hair from growing through easily and instead coiling round and forming a large bump under the skin).
  • moisturise (this again helps to soften the skin making it much easier for the hair to push through).
  • wear loose clothing after hair removal and once regrowth starts.
  • use Aloe Clear if you are prone to spots and ingrown hairs, as this will keep the skin clear and thoroughly exfoliate the skin.

I hope this blog on ingrown hairs can help you achieve the clear, smooth, hair free skin you desire.

Got a question? Have a look at our frequently asked questions page or drop us an email

We will see you at your next wax 😉

The Waxologist Team

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