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Eyebrows are as individual as you. We work with your natural brow shape to flatter your features. Whether you just need a quick tidy or a complete brow make over we have a treatment to suit.

Whatever your problem – uneven brows, over plucked or unruly and bushy – a brow make over can give you the defined brows you always wanted.

How we do it

We don’t follow any of the ‘brow design’ brands as we like to work to our own methods and decide on what’s going to work best for the client.

Your Brows:

‘What the fudge did you do to your eyebrows??’ No I kid, I kid. ‘What happened with your eyebrows??’

We start with a chat about what you did before, what you do now and the brows of your dreams, how you’d really love your brows to look.

We take measurements of your brow and eye area, this creates a frame to work from and if your brows are uneven from plucking we can start to match them up them again, although it is natural to have a stronger side of the face hence the saying ‘Eyebrows are sister not twins’. However, they need not be long lost sisters!

Eyebrow tinting

Why do it? I don’t want my brows darker or severe looking

You might not think you need a brow tint but if you want to make your brows appear thicker this is the first step in the right direction. The tint colour is mixed specifically for you, to suit your skin tone, hair and natural brow colour, it covers all the fine and or grey hair may have in your brow making your brows look instantly fuller.

24hr make up
To finish your look we can apply a waterproof brow make up.


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