Intimate Waxing- A Guide To Your First Bikini Wax at The Waxologist

How to Prepare for your first Bikini Wax

Now you’ve decided to get a bikini wax let’s talk you through how to prepare and what will happen at your appointment.

Booking an Appointment

We are an appointment only salon and for your convenience we use an online booking system, you can choose your time and day by clicking BOOK NOW. Once you’ve booked, we will send you a confirmation email along with a new client form which must be filled in prior to your appointment. This ensures safe treatment and covers medications and conditions that may be a contraindication to waxing. 48 hours before your appointment you will receive a reminder by text and email.

Before your Appointment

DON’T TRIM! Sorry, we didn’t mean to shout but it’s really important you leave it to us. If you trim too short, we may not be able to get a good result. Your hair cannot be too long for a wax, only too short. We have bikini trimmers at the salon which we can use to get the hair the perfect length. We don’t care if you come in with Pubic hair down to your knees! as long as you arrive clean and fresh, you’re good to wax.

Getting Here

Parking is a 2-minute walk away on Massie street. We don’t have a receptionist as we operate a door buzzer entry system. Arrive at the salon a few minutes before your appointment and buzz your therapist, stating your name and appointment time, we’ll let you in and you can wait in reception.

The Treatment

Your therapist will come and take you to one of our lovely private waxing rooms. We will offer fresh wipes and leave you to get ready having given you clear instructions on where you need to be on the bed. For Intimate Waxing you will have to ‘lose your underwear’. This may be embarrassing for you at first but we do this all day, every day. It’s really no more fascinating for us than putting the kettle on so please don’t worry or feel self-conscious.

During the Treatment

Your therapist will ask you to stretch and pull your skin to assist with treatment, you will be asked whether the temperature of the wax is ok for you. Throughout the treatment we will explain aftercare and you can ask any questions. We take hygiene very seriously for your safety and our own.  We always wear gloves (vinyl not latex) when waxing. We use a clean spatula each time we dip into the wax and then throw it away and take another fresh spatula. All tweezers, scissors and tools are disinfected in hospital grade disinfectant between uses. You can read our full Health and Hygiene Policy HERE. 

After your Wax

Once you’re hair free and happy, you can get dressed while we clean down. We will give you written aftercare and take payment and you can re book your next treatment if you wish. You’ll leave the salon feeling like Wonder Woman and you won’t be walking like John Wayne!

Give me more Details!

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