Getting Waxed on Your Period

Getting Waxed on Your Period

Can I have a wax whilst on a Period? Our answer is YES! Yes, you can get waxed whilst you’re having your period.

Periods. They can turn up unexpectedly and if you’ve got a wax booked we don’t want you to have to cancel or reschedule. So here is our guide to having a wax whilst you’re having your period.

Sorry, not sorry

We don’t want you to apologise. There really is no need. Having periods are a normal part of most women’s lives and we want to make you feel great. It’s our job and we want to do it well.

Wearing a Tampon

If you use tampons just wear one as normal, we will work around the string. We have tampons for our clients in the bathroom if you have been taken by surprise.

Wearing a Pad

If you wear a pad just let your therapist know and we will leave you to prepare alone with intimate wipes. We have a sanitary bin in the Client toilet if you wish to change your pad before or after your waxing treatment. We also keep a well stocked bathroom for clients where you’ll find pads if you need them.

Menstrual cup

We’re seing more and more of these, which is great as they are reusable so cheaper in the long run and better ecologically too! If you use a menstrual cup just wear as normal. If you’re interested in trying one out here’s a couple links.


Ethical Superstore

Period Pants

These are leakproof knickers that are super absorbant and can be re washed. If you wear these, let us know and we will leave you to get ready with Intimate wipes. Our clients have reccomended the following Period pants to us if you’re interested in trying them out.



What happens if I bleed on the bed? Not alot! We wipe the bed down as normal. We know there is alot of stigma attached to period blood but not in our salon. We don’t feel it’s unhygenic or dirty, the fact that it comes from your vagina is irrellevant.

Will waxing hurt more if I’m on a period? We can find no evidence to suggest so.

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Just for you…

Having a wax after a baby

Having a wax after a baby

Having a Wax after a baby………

Having your first post partum wax may be top of your ‘Get back to normal’ list six weeks after your baby has been born. Or it might be the last thing on your mind six months on. Whichever it is we want to take care of your concerns and ease you back in to waxing gently. So here’s our guide to having a wax after a baby…

Some clients are pretty nervous when coming in after having a baby and the first words out of their mouth are ‘Is this gonna hurt more?’. Waxing is never completely painless but we’ll always do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible and we’ll work around you. If you’ve left it a long while to begin waxing again and you’re feeling apprehensive you might prefer to begin with a basic bikini wax and work up to your usual wax of say a Brazilian (see this blog for the differences between our waxes).

When is the right time for a wax after a baby?

There is no perfect time, as everyone’s experience of birth is different. However we’d recommend leaving it a minimum of six weeks after having your baby before coming for a wax. When you do come for a wax we’ll need to know if you had a ceasarian section, assisted birth, or any stitches from a tear or episiotomy. We wait six months to wax directly over any scar. So if you’ve had a section or episiotomy we will wax around the area till then.

What does it look like down there?

We understand you may feel concerned about your post baby body. But, we weren’t interested in how your vulva looked before you gave birth and we’re not interested now. We’re here to make you feel good and get that hair out,  not to judge you. Besides three out of four of us waxers are mothers, we’ve been there and we don’t want judgement either!

Here at The Waxologist, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and make your first postpartum wax as easy as possible. When you make your appointment please write any information in the notes area so we may add additional time to the appointment if needed.

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Wax & Love

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Piles – Can I have a Wax if I have Piles?

Piles – Can I have a Wax if I have Piles?

Piles! Some Mothers And Others Do Have Em!

somemothersBeing full time Waxers we tend to deal with a few embarrassing situations, embarrassing for you the client not us the waxer! Such is our experience with private parts and nude bodies that over time we have become used to Periods, Piles, skin tags and moles and we won’t let them stop us from giving you a fantastic wax!


So lets talk about PILES! AKA Haemorrhoids

Piles are swollen veins around your bottom,  they can hang down outside but give you no pain or symptoms, they might stay tucked away but cause you the kind of searing pain that makes sitting on a firm chair impossible.


How does one acquire Piles?

  • Constipation or diarrhea -If you suffer from regular bouts of constipation and or diarrhea and spend periods of time straining on the toilet
  • Family History – if your parents suffer from piles you will be more likely to get them
  • Pregnancy- As your uterus gets bigger it puts pressure on the vein in the colon, which makes it bulge
  • Giving Birth- caused by the strain of pushing
  • Heavy Lifting consistently which leads to straining
  • Long term obesity which puts a strain on your body

By the age of Fifty half of adults will have suffered from piles


How will I know I have piles?

Here are some of the signs you might have piles:

  • Bleeding after having a poo
  • An itchy bottom
  • You might feel lump hanging down from your bottom
  • A mucus discharge after going to the loo
  • Any soreness, redness and swelling around your bottom


What to do if you think you have piles? Go to the Doctor of course!

The lovely Doctor will have you lie on your side and have a look at your bottom, an internal examination may also be needed but they do wear gloves and use a bit of lube so its not too painful. If it’s a simple case then the Doctor may prescribe you some creams – we’ll get to those later if you’re still awake.

If your Doctor can’t ascertain exactly what the crack is (sorry I couldn’t help it!) you might need a sigmoidoscopy. This is where your bum really becomes the star of the show as a small fibre-optic camera which fits in a little tube is inserted up your bum getting a good view to diagnose an internal hemorrhoid.


rectalHow your Doctor can treat piles

Your Doctor will prescribe a topical cream or and suppository to help, depending on the severity of the problem. A cortisosteriod cream which can only be used for a short length of time if the piles are quite severe. Usually though an over counter remedy such as Anusol, Germaloid or a supermarket own brand of haemorrhoid treatment will do as well as painkillers to relieve your discomfort.

If these aren’t helping, your doctor might recommend Banding. Tight rubber bands are put at the base of the haemorrhoids cutting off blood supply and causing them to drop off. This is done using local anesthetic and you can get back to normal after a couple of days.

The last resort is surgery.


How you can treat piles 

Look at your diet, you need to avoid straining on the toilet so eating a high fibre diet with lots of fresh vegatables will help by keeping everything soft and easy to pass. If you need a quick fix a fibre supplement migvin pilesht be an idea. Drink more water, yes its a bore but again it will help keep things soft.

Don’t Cook it! If you need a poo, get to the loo! Staying active and not sitting on hard surfaces could also help.  A warm bath can be a relief or try sitting on a warm water bottle.

Lastly we use our common sense where piles are concerned when Waxing, we will usually go around them but if we feel concerned we will advise you see a Doctor.

For more info see the NHS pages here:

Happy Waxing Folks!

A Guide to Bikini Waxing! Hollywood, Brazilian, G string and more…….

Not the wax you’ve been looking for?

So you’ve ‘Plucked’ up the courage; you read about it in glossy mag; you’ve chatted with your girlfriends; and your partner is eagerly awaiting your new look. But you leave the salon with the hair you wanted off still in your pants. Fuming.  I strongly feel that if a therapist has an issue with nudity they should not be advertising and taking bookings for Intimate waxing such as a Hollywood. It’s a knickers off job. End of. In fact I’d prefer it if everyone just got their knickers off then they aren’t in the way and I can get a nice line on a basic bikini. But I accept not everyone is as blase about nudity and if you want to preserve your modesty you’re fully entitled to.  However if it’s your therapist that is modest, here is a handy guide to bikini waxing giving you the details of what’s included in each.

The Hollywood

Hoorah for Hollywood!

Hoorah for Hollywood!

When you have a Hollywood Wax ALL pubic hair should be removed from front to back, inside out.  So that’s your butt crack. It’s not embarrassing (OK maybe the first time) and over with quickly.

The hair from the front is also removed and most importantly from underneath. There are plenty of Salons out there that will just take the hair outta your pubic mound and kick you out the door with your ‘Hollywood’. Almost like being booted off the plane over the Atlantic!  How disappointing. The hair should be removed from the inner and outer labia. Inner labia don’t grow hair it just grows inwards from the outer labia. It’s this hair that women tell me has been left by their therapists in the past.

A Brazilian

You've now landed in Brazil!

You’ve now landed in Brazil!

It’s exactly the same as a Hollywood only with a landing strip. A neat little stripe is fashioned on your pubic mound once ALL hair has been removed from underneath to back and the labia.

La Femme Wax

Porn Star in the back, Hippy in the front! La Femme Wax

Porn Star in the back, Hippy in the front! La Femme Wax

La Femme Wax, We’re fickle beings aren’t we? The minute Cameron Diaz wages war on wax we all want our bush back! But we’re also addicted to the benefits of waxing, the smoothness , the freshness, the extra sensitivity! The answer is the La Femme wax. One newspaper described Hippy in the front, Pornstar in the back – I like this! All hair is removed from the butt crack, inner and outer labia. While on the front a gentle tidy up of the sides leaving you with all the fresh feeling of a wax and the feminine bush that Ms Diaz favours.


The hair should be removed from the butt crack, and a good tidy up on the front. Think Thong Song!

Basic Bikini

Ya can keep ya knickers on with this!

Ya can keep ya knickers on with this!

Crease of leg. That’s it. Demure and ladylike.

Narrow Bikini

It’s just another inch on the basic bikini, the crease of leg and a tad more, no bums in the air, no nudity-perfect for a day beside the seaside in a nice M&S one piece!

In the know

If you’re a bit awkward about these things ask in advance what is included in your waxing treatment. The last thing you want is to be on the bed with your arse in the air thinking ‘What in God’s name is happening’? Or on the other end of the spectrum asking the therapist to wax your butt and having her flatly refuse.  This happened to one of my lovely clients before coming to me.
Happy waxing Girls!

The Brazilian Wax! Is Bush really back? Cameron Diaz Say’s So!

Read all about it!

The Brazilian wax continues to raise eyebrows and create headlines. In 2013 Cameron Diaz penned a section called ‘In Praise of Pubes’ in her self help/health manual ‘The Body Book’. Cameron describes Pubic hair as ‘Pretty Draping’. In an interview about the book she told You magazine that there is a biological reason for being “fully dressed”. She states “I am really concerned that young girls are making choices to get rid of something that is there for a purpose. It’s like saying, ‘I don’t need my nose’.” Okay…..So I get that Cameron doesn’t want to wax. No problem. Each to their own and all that but comparing pubes to a nose? Really? 

Bush Administration

In response to the Cameron Diaz Brazilian wax backlash Rosamund Urwin wrote a really funny article for the London Evening Standard ( I think it was meant to be funny, it made me laugh anyway!). Rosamund has a way of putting things  ”Ferrero-Rocher flavoured Fanny” being a favourite.


Dr Emily Gibson chips in, claiming that a Hollywood or Brazilian wax increases the risks of infection and sexually transmitted diseases. Gibson says, removing hair “irritates and inflames” the follicles. (This has some truth in it hence the after care instructions we give clients as well as the products we use to soothe and sanitise your post wax skin). It’s then suggested that staphylococcus aureus and MRSA prefer a hairless vulva. Whether there has actually been any research on this or if any statistics are available is not mentioned but the words ‘believed to’ are.

We’re not doctors many of our clients are. They have seen DIY waxing or shaving injuries, nothing life threatening mind. But while we are on the DIY subject for Goodness sake don’t take a blade to your Vulva! Shredded labia minora anyone? No, didn’t think so. Also DIY Waxing is not a good idea for more reasons than we can be bothered writing but bruising and burning a delicate area is not fun! 

Driving Force

Who know what’s driven Women (and Men!) to Intimate Waxing, The Porn Industry? Fashion? Partners? Press or Magazines? What we do know for a fact is they are doing it because they WANT to! They are not stupid or uneducated, they’re not frogmarched in by men with dirty minds. They don’t really fit a mould nor are they in an age demographic. Our female clients range from Eighteen to Seventy Two. They are varied in terms of work and lifestyle. From professionals such as solicitors to stay at home mums to models to students. Single, married and one in a poly relationship!


So far none of them have contracted MRSA from Waxing either! We take issue that women having a Brazilian wax may be seen as poor downtrodden fools following in a bizarre trend that they desperately don’t want to. Women leave our Salon with grins on their faces, feeling great! We’ve had messages telling us we’ve changed their lives! So why don’t we stop stressing over a bit of Waxing and start seriously worrying about FGM (female genital mutilation). Because that is something barbaric and terrifying which is actually on the rise in this country.


So if you want a ‘big, hairy minge” as journalist and author Caitlin Moran describes it, have it. Like her you could buy a big telly with the money you saved on Waxing. If a ”Big, hairy minge” ain’t your thing, come see us!


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