Can I wax when Pregnant?

Is it safe?

A question I’m often asked is whether waxing is safe during pregnancy, and I can say yes it absolutely is! We have waxed many pregnant clients right the way through their pregnancy. In fact I’d say we are experts in the challenges of pregnancy waxing.

Expert helping hands

As pregnancy hormones can make hair grow thicker than usual waxing is a much better option than shaving. Besides once you hit the six month mark you’ll not be able to see over your baby bump!  We’ve heard of a few DIY disasters so its best to leave it to the experts!
As you have more blood flowing in your nether regions it is often swollen and darker in colour, especially as you progress through the trimesters. This is completely normal however requires an expert waxer using only peelable wax for your comfort.
I’ve asked an obstetrician and midwives about waxing to prepare for birth.  Whilst all say how their patients vagina is groomed is the last thing they are interested, having a hair free area it makes stitching easier if you’ve had an episiotomy or cesarean section.  Clients have come in for waxes the day before c-section and inductions are scheduled to rule out being shaved.
We’ve seen many a bump go from teeny tiny to blossoming, ready to pop.  And don’t forget we’ve seen it all before so have no fear if you suffer from piles, see our blog on this here:

Piles – Can I have a Wax if I have Piles?

Extra time

If you book a wax in the last trimester of your pregnancy, please let us know so we can book out a little extra time for you and your bump.  We take extra time to make sure you and your bump are comfortable throughout the wax.

Your Guide to Waxing: Before and After

Excellent! You grew it!

Excellent! You grew it!

It’s Gotta Grow to Go!

Getting a last minute waxing appointment might seem like a great idea?  If you shaved last week though, you’re wasting your money and time. At least 5mm of hair is needed for the Wax to pick it up. This takes most people between three to four weeks to grow so be brave and put down that razor. Shaved hair is courser and the wax treatment is likely to be more painful so the longer you leave the hair to grow the better. When you shave, your hair will be at different stages of growth so it will take a couple of waxes to get everything growing at the same rate. Once you have this you’ll get smoother results that last longer.


Trial run

If you’re planning a holiday, wedding or any other special occasion it’s best to try out waxing in advance to make sure it’s right for you. Whether you can follow the aftercare of exfoliation and moisterising. Make sure you don’t have any extreme reactions (very rare). Most importantly to time it right so your next wax gives you the great results you want for your big event.

Take a Break

If you’re a Gym Bunny, you do a pole dancing class or you love a swim you’ll want to give these activities a break after your wax. Wait at least 48 hours after the first wax treatment as you will want to gauge how your skin reacts after waxing. Why?
Waxing removes hair from the root leaving you with open follicles. If you pop down the gym and get a sweat on too soon after a wax you are likely to get a rash, spots or itchiness and if you’re very lucky all three!

Put that down!

Put that down!


As well as aftercare we recommend you exfoliate right before the wax treatment. This will get rid of dead skin cells and will help free up any ingrown hair giving you a better result. We love Exfoliating mits, Ruff stuff body scrub and Japanese wash cloths. We stock a full range of products to help you care for your waxed skin.


Don’t come to your appointment glugging down a can of Coke or high on coffee, caffeine can heighten sensitivity making your wax treatment more painful.

Find a Parking spot

If its your first appointment at The Waxologist come in good time, you don’t want to be panicked, hot and sweaty. Pop on your sat nav, find a parking spot and arrive ten minute before your appointment time. This will allow you have a flick through a magazine and chat with your therapist beforehand. We book out a specific amount of time for each treatment and try not to keep clients waiting.

Ask Away!

Ask Away!

Loose Women

Wear something loose so your skin can stay cool and minimise after wax reactions.

Ask Away

There is plenty of time for a chin wag during your appointment so please ask away, anything and everything. You’ll leave with after care instructions, but do feel free to call or text if you want to ask anything after your appointment

Hairy Mary; Problem Facial hair in Women



Hirsutism is excessive hair growth in women. Facial hair in women can leave you embarrassed and miserable. Sometimes hair is soft and downy but there is lots of it or hair can be thick, dark and course.  It can be a problem on the chest, lower back & buttocks as well as the face. It’s common after menopause however it can also be a problem in younger women.  This is due to an increase in production of androgens or an increased sensitivity to androgens (male sex hormones). Causes can be polycystic ovaries, medication or weight gain. This is an embarrassing problem for women and while there is no cure it can be managed in a number of ways.

Your GP should be the first port of call, rather than Google.  I’ve diagnosed myself with some terrible incurable diseases over the years. Only to be told something quite simple by the GP after weeks of worrying. I’m offering no answers on the medical front as I’m not qualified to do so. However I can offer some advice on removing the hair, if joining the circus is not an option. As I have my own wispy blonde beard to deal with I feel entitled to poke fun. Sorry if this offends anyone but you gotta laugh haven’t ya!

Shavinguntitled (2)

It’s a myth that shaving makes you hairier or makes hair thicker. It’s true however that shaved hair looks and feels thicker and courser as it grows back. We all know what stubble feels like and its because the hair has been cut sharp with a blade. A no no for hair removal especially on a woman’s face.

Hair removal cream

You cover the problem area with the cream and it breaks down the hair. After 5 or ten minutes you scrape and rinse the area. It’s got quite an unpleasant odour.  I would advise doing a small patch test somewhere inconspicuous before loading on a Santa Claus beard full of the stuff, as it can cause reactions in some people. It’s a bit better than shaving however as the regrowth is a little softer. As with shaving you’ll have visible regrowth in a day or two.


Very popular in the Eighties. Hair cells are destroyed with electrical current. This is a more permanent solution but should be done by a professional as side effects can include scarring of the skin. It will take a number of treatments before all hair is removed due to the follicles of hair being at being at different stages of growth.

Laser Hair reduction

A laser is used to heat the hair follicle only to damage it to the extent that it no longer produces hair. However after a number of years it can restart. It does NOT work on BLONDE or RED hair! It gives best results on people with light skin and dark hair. It’s essential you do your homework and find someone well trained in aesthetics as well as being insured. Look up the reviews online. Any treatment like this must be done by a professional. The most common side effects are acne and skin discoloration. It can be painful but a numbing cream is useful. Laser hair reduction is a fantastic treatment when done by a professional for the right candidate.


I love threading for eyebrows however I feel it’s a bit grueling for facial hair as it’s not over in a jiffy. A friend of mine went and had her chin and lip threaded. She said her eyes watered and she squealed like a piglet the whole way through. I don’t offer full facial threading because I prefer waxing for this area and hair. However it’s better than shaving or cream removal as hair is taken from the root.


What can I say it’s my first love! It’s the way I remove my own lush blonde tache and wispy whiskers. I use Hard wax instead of strip wax (you can read up on this on my website). Basically I use a gentler kinder wax to minimise redness and reactions to the skin whilst removing tough whiskers from the root. It lasts much longer than shaving, grows back softer and less noticeably. It takes about 15 minutes to do lip and chin and removes lots of hair at once meaning any discomfort is quick. A cooling gel is applied to skin after waxing to reduce discomfort and redness.



Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation! Waxing Aftercare


Exfoliate comes from the Latin word exfoliare meaning ‘to strip off leaves’. Skin exfoliation is the process of removing dead,
dry skin cells on the outer layer of skin, leaving you smoother and fresher looking. It’s an important part of a basic skincare routine, and in my opinion the most important Waxing aftercare regime. When I wax new clients I always explain the importance of exfoliating as part of your post wax care.


You can do it two ways; mechanical exfoliation, which is in basic terms scrubbing off dead skin with an abrasive texture. There are many different products;


A bit of Rough, need I say more?

‘A bit of Rough’ This is a long Japanese wash cloth that has an abrasive texture (It’s my personal favourite as it stretches out long so you reach across your entire back and the texture is perfect)

Or ‘Exfoliation Gloves’ these are gloves with a rough surface that you put on your hands and soap up.


90’s packaging and everything!

Alternatively, try a traditional loofah, dry body brushing or a cosmetic cream scrub like my nineties favourite ‘St Ives’ (one sniff and I’m transported back to 1991 when I was shaving my eyebrows off whilst listening to Shanice). You could even exfoliate with a bottle of vino! Yes, your glass of Pinot contains tartaric acid which is a chemical exfoliant, but I’ll stick to
quaffing mine thanks!


The other option is a chemical exfoliation product, which may contain fruit enzymes which are found naturally in pineapple, kiwi or papaya. Also, you could use AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids) or BHA’s (betahydroxy acids) – sounds scarier than it is honestly. These work by loosening the dead skin that is attached to the surface, they are great if you have oily pores and a build up on your skin; or if you regularly suffer ingrown hairs.

Look at these with your eyes

The big how often…

You should exfoliate gently two to three times a week (if your skin is normal), this will encourage new skin cells and stimulate collagen. In the case of hair growth it will minimise ingrown hairs by keeping pores clear and skin soft enough for new hair to grow through. if you have sensitive or older, thinner skin don’t exfoliate more than once a week.

Warmer weather increases sweat and the skin produces more oil (As Mama June describes it you may feel ‘Smexy’) so you might want to exfoliate more frequently. Use abrasive cloths or gloves by moving gently across the skin in circular motions.
You should avoid hard rubbing of your skin. Any chemical exfoliant will have instructions and these should be followed, don’t be freaked out by the tingling sensation caused by BHA’s or AHA’s it will stop after 15 minutes or so.

After exfoliation you should moisturise and as your skin may be more sensitive a hypoallergenic formula will be the best option. You might also want to use a higher factor sun protection.

In the case of waxed skin don’t exfoliate for, at the very least, forty-eight hours after a wax.


Memba Shanice?

If keeping this ‘exfoliation routine’ is beyond you, exfoliate before a wax. This will free up ingrown hairs therefore you get a better result. Exfoliating is the no.1 weapon in the war against ingrown hairs and I really favour the gloves or cloths that I have mentioned over tub type scrubs. I have a few chemical exfoliants in stock as well as the ‘Bit of Rough’ wash cloths and
‘Scrub Gloves’ – you can buy these easily at your wax appointment.


Historical Hoohaa’s! The history of pubic hair removal

  • A whole lot of history repeating itself!

    The history of pubic hair removal is an interesting one for us as it’s the focal point of our business at The Waxologist. If  you thought the trend for hairless Vagina’s started around 2000 you’re way off the mark. Around Christmas time someone mentioned seeing a comedy ‘Merkin’ gift. ‘Ay?’ ‘A what?’ I exclaimed, I was discombobulated and immediately got onto Google. I ended up sat agog reading not only about pubic wigs but also about Ancient Egyptian bush removal; the depiction of pubes in art; the cultural and religious reasons for pubic hair removal and a whole load of other weirdly interesting information. Now I don’t want to be here all day as I’ve got a whole load of ironing to get through but I wanted to share a little run down of what they did back then down there.

    Walk like an Egyptian

    Beginning with ancient Egyptians seems sensible as that was ages ago! Ancient Egyptians thought pubic hair uncivilized. Not only did ancient Egyptian women remove pubic hair but ALL their hair, from head to toe! They may have used various methods such as pumice stones, tweezers fashioned from seashells (can you imagine the time that would take??) or the technique of sugaring which is still used today.

    Status Symbols

    For Greeks a hairless crotch was a status symbol for the upper classes. The Romans had such contempt for pubes young girls would be plucked with ancient tweezers called volsella from the moment they began puberty. An early version of ‘Veet’ or ‘Immac’ was made from bat’s blood, powdered viper and goats gall and called philotrum ordropax. It sounds like something cooked up in a witches cauldron to me.
    Volsella ancient tweezers

    Volsella ‘tweezers’ £1.99 from B&M Bargains.

    Merkins are in!

    Catherine de Medici, the Italian Queen of France during the 1500’s is said to have forbade her ladies in waiting from removing their pubic hair. Never mind a uniform check or a root through your bag for any stolen silver, just imagine starting your shift with a Bush inspection! Around this time women were removing the hair down there to combat crabs and here is where the Merkin comes in. Prostitutes would shave off their pubic hair then pop on a merkin to disguise sexually transmitted diseases. More recently a merkin came in handy for Kate Winslet in ‘The Reader’ after years of waxing she was unable to produce enough Bush for the period the film was set in.

    Catherine de Medici, Queen of France

    Catherine de Medici, Queen of Bush and France.

    Its all for the art, darling

    European artists have also favoured the smooth look, female pubic hair was considered immodest.  When painting a famous prostitute, with her confrontational staring eyes fixed on the viewer, the artist Manet paints the hand of Olympia laid discreetly across her crotch. On one hand the boundaries are pushed, on the other he plays it safe. Michelangelo depicts both women and men as hairless. The males on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel have no pubic hair. However his masterpiece David looks like he’s had a ‘Boyzilian’ Wax to me. Then Francisco de Goya shook things up when he painted two versions of one woman. One clothed, one completely naked with pubic hair on show. The painting La Maja Desnuda was taken by the Spanish inquisition after being deemed obscene.
    Manet's Olympia covering her modesty

    Manet’s Olympia takes a well earned break between punters.

    Tokens of affection

    Pubes took on a strangely titillating form during the 19th century. Upper class men would collect a souvenir or token of affection from lovers in the form of a cutting of pubic hair. They would then proudly display in their hats. Nowadays the details are posted on Facebook or shared through film taken on mobile’s.
    King George IV kept a snuff box of his lovers pubes

    King George IV the dirty little oink who kept a snuff box of his lovers pubes.

    Thoroughly Modern Minnie

    Bringing us to the last fifty years with the invention of the Bikini came the Bikini line. Over time the Line got more and more narrow. In the 1970’s the porn mags Playboy and Penthouse bared bush. As we moved through the eighties the Lawns of playmates got tidier, shorter and neater, until they did not exist. This style is known as ‘The Hollywood’.  It has dominated the Wax menu along with its more demure sister ‘The Brazilian’ for the last fifteen years.

    In the last couple of years plenty of articles have called for women to stop removing and start growing. It’s a very personal choice and ultimately down to the individual. It’s interesting to find that it’s all been done before but we’re still on the topic and will be forever more. Now where’s that bloody iron?
    La Maja Desnuda by Goya

    Goya’s La Maja Desnuda 

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