The Hollywood Wax

Our clients say we do The Best Hollywood Wax in Manchester! Our commitment is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst having this Intimate treatment. Plus the attention to detail from our highly trained and experienced staff, has brought us clients from all over the North West. Many of whom have taken the time to leave us glowing five star reviews.

How We Wax

Hoorah for Hollywood Wax!

Hoorah for The Hollywood Wax!

The Hollywood Wax is the Most Popular treatment at The Waxologist in Cheadle Manchester.

So what exactly is a Hollywood Wax?

When you have a Hollywood Wax ALL pubic hair should be removed From Front to back, inside out.  So that’s your butt crack, I do this with my client on all fours, it’s quick, requires no assistance from the client and gives easy access to the area to be waxed. It’s not embarrassing (ok maybe the first time) and over with quickly.

I also include the Butt cheeks in a Hollywood or any wax where we wax the Butt crack, whether the entire butt is covered in hair or it’s patchy, it’s coming off and I’m not mentioning it or charging extra. The hair from the front is also removed and most importantly from underneath, The hair should be removed from the Inner and outer Labia, inner labia don’t grow hair it just grows inwards from the outer labia.

At The Waxologist we use only non strip, hard peelable Hot wax for minimum discomfort. A dry oil is used before to create a barrier to protect the skin and afterwards a cooling gel is applied to soothe and sanitise the area. A full range of post Wax skin care products are available in the salon.

The Treatment Time is approximately 20 minutes but it can take longer if its your first Wax.

You’ll be given an after wax leaflet to advise you on Do’s and Dont’s which are simple things such as not going on sunbeds, doing a sweaty workout and taking a cooler bath or shower as well as exfoliation and moisturising tips  to keep your skin free from ingrown hairs.

Here’s what Our Clients say about Our Hollywood Wax…..

Having tried TOO MANY different waxing places and never being super happy with the results, I can finally say I think iv found my go to place! I booked in a Hollywood with Ellen and she made me feel really comfortable, and the wax was as pleasant as a wax can be. The room and building is spotless as well. Lovely place, Highly Recommend!

Lauren, Manchester

I’ve been here twice for Hollywood wax and I won’t consider going anywhere else again.
The result is what I’ve always wanted to achieve from a wax. Neat, hair free smooth skin. I didn’t need to go home and finish off the job myself with immac, They know what the customer wants. Great place.

Kate, Stockport

Excellent professional service, friendly and knowledgeable (the only salon I’ve found who actually know what a true “Hollywood” is and how to do it) Products are top quality and hygiene is demonstrated as priority. I cannot recommend this salon highly enough. I will never go anywhere else.
Yvonne, Stockport

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