Laser Hair Removal

At the Waxologist Wax & Laser we use the Quanta Thunder MT machine.  This cutting-edge device utilises two laser wavelengths in single or combined emission.

The machine easily allows for the selection of single or double wavelength emissions, using simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be adjusted according to specific skin requirements.

The synergy of the the two wavelengths can completely remove or reduce the hair follicles with improved safety and effectiveness for both fairer and darker skin.

A hair removal handpiece is held above the hair follicle and a beam of laser is delivered to individual hairs.  The system transmits a light to the treatment area which is a beam of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle.

The melanin in the hair absorbs this energy which is transformed into heat, disabling the hair follicle and preventing it from producing new hair.

The Thunder MT machine is a class 4 medical grade laser device, the safest and most effective on the market.

What Results Can I Expect?

The Thunder MT works by the absorption of light in the hair pigment (melanin) with effective results achieved on both fair and darker skin.  Treatment is most effictive on darker hair and is unlikely to work for very blond, white or grey hair.

It is important, in the four weeks prior to you initial treatment, and between sessions, not to remove any hair by plucking, tweezing, waxing or depilatory cream.  This is to ensure that there is hair within the follicles to be destroyed by the laser.

Laser hair removal will only destroy hair follicles that are in the active growing stage.  As each hair follicle has an individual growth cycle it is therefore necessary to have repeated treatment sessions until all hair follicles have been treated while at the growing stage.

Typically courses of 4-12 treatments are recommended, although some clients do achieve effective results in less.  End results depends on many factors including skin and hair type, ethnic background, hormonal balance and skin sensitivity.

In your initial consultation we can discuss the estimated number of treatments and the most suitable package for you.

Are You Ready To Remove That Unwanted Hair?

Booking the initial consultation is the first step to being hair free.

Consultation and Treatment Sessions

At your initial treatment, an in-depth consultation is carried out to determine your most suitable treatment programme.

We will assess your individual needs and do a patch test to determine skin response.  You would also need to make us aware of any medications you are taking and current medical conditions.

We would ask that you shave the area that is to be treated 24 hours prior to your treatment session, leaving just a small patch of hair.  The remaining hair will then be assessed and shaved prior to treatment.

Treatment intervals are 4-6 weeks for facial hair and 6-8 weeks for the body.

To see effective results, a course of treatments needs to be followed.  It is not possible to get meaningful results from a single session.  Knowing this in advance and booking the right package for you is the key to success.  The most effective treatment delivered in the most efficient way.

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