Laser Tattoo Removal

At the Waxologist Wax & Laser we use the Quanta Plus machine.  the Quanta Plus uses short pulses of high energy light that protects the skin from overheating by targeting the ink in fast precise bursts.  This is called Q-Switching.  Q-Switched lasers produce incredibly short but powerful pulses of energy which last for only nanoseconds.

Q-Switched lasers are ideal for laser tattoo removal as tattoo ink particles are miniscule so need only be heated for the briefest time to shatter.  In comparison, skin cells are much bigger and therefore need to be heated for longer to be damaged.  This is how a Q-Switch laser is able to shatter ink whilst leaving the surrounding skin intact and undamanged.

Ready To Remove That Ink?

Booking the initial consultation is the first step to removing or fading that tattoo.

Getting The Best Results

Tattoo removal is not instant and can take multiple sessions.  The speed of removal can vary depending on area, colour and whether it was done by a professional.

Amateur tattoos are usually easier to remove and can be completed in fewer sessions.  This is because the ink in an amateur tattoo is typically embedded in the skin more superficially.

Professional tattoos have a larger saturation of ink injected deeper into the dermis which means the ink takes more energy to shatter.

After each treatment your immune system’s phagocytic cells gradually move the ink particles until they are metabolised and expelled.  Each session breaks down more ink which is then flushed out of your body until the tattoo is removed.

Your body can only flush ink away at a limited speed.  A break between treatments allows any scabs or blisters to heal and minimises the possibility of over treating.  It’s important to keep in mind that all tattoo removals are individual to the person and the tattoo.

We would recommend having an initial consultation to discuss the best treatment plan and estimated sessions required to get the best results.  CLICK HERE to book.

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