What Tattoo Removal Services area available and how much do they cost?

We believe in open fair pricing but we also want to give you a specific price for your tattoo.  Prices can vary significantly depending on the colour and style of your tattoo, particularly whether there is a lot of solid colour.
Below we’ve provided estimated grades and timings for different sizes but when you get in touch we can discuss your personal requirements in detail and agree a plan that works for you.  Look on our booking system for prices for the different treatment types.

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Tattoo Removal Categories

The following are our tattoo removal categories.  Actual category and cost will be affected by the density of ink over the tattoo’s area.
*Tattoos with multiple colours are more expensive so are pushed into the next price bracket.

Click this link to print our Tattoo Sizing Chart

Tattoo Size


Appointment Duration

AS12 cm215 mins
AS26 cm215 mins
AS310 cm220 mins
AS415 cm220 mins
AS550 cm225 mins
AS6150 cm225 mins
AS7225 cm230 mins
AS8300 cm230 mins
AS9500 cm235 mins
AS10623 cm235 mins
Eyebrows20 mins

The number of sessions needed will depend on your required outcome and the age, style and size of your tattoo.

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