Expert Removal of Unloved Ink…

We established our Laser Tattoo Removal Service in 2020 with our focus being comfort and convenience for clients.  We offer the highest standard in Technology using the most advanced FDA approved equipment available.

Do you have a Tattoo you regret or are unhappy with?

We want to remove your Unwanted Tattoo Effectively, Completely, Successfully, Safely and Comfortably.

Veloce Laser Clinic Equipment

The Quanta Q Plus offers complete removal of single and multi-coloured tattoos effectively and safely.  Multiple wavelengths of light combined with Q-switched pulse laser technology target ink pigments without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Used in conjunction with our Cryo Cooling System, to minimise discomfort, we are confident you’ll achieve your goal of removing unloved Ink. The quanta plus optibeam technology hand-piece gives equal energy distribution over the treatment area, avoiding the need to overlap an area and reducing trauma to the skin.

If you’ve got a science brain you can read more about laser technology here…

Getting an Initial Assessment

We wanted to make coming for a treatment as easy as possible so we offer a few options.  you can get an estimated price on removal per session by clicking here and filling out the form.

Alternatively request an assessment by WhatsApp on 07802 620004.

Just send a picture of your tattoo (place a ruler or tape measure next to it) along with a description and which country you had the tattoo done and how long you have had it.

Booking a Consultation

We offer a full in-depth consulation at £25.  This is fully refundable if you choose not to have treatment after attending the consulation.  If you decide to go ahead we credit the £25 against your first treatment.  During the consultation we will perform patch testing on the tattoo to ensure we can offer you a good result.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and we will advise a treatment plan.  Click here to access our online booking system.  It’s easy to navigate and it’s live so you can book your appointments anytime.  We are open 7 days a week.

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