Specialist Waxing in Stockport for Brazilian Wax

At The Waxologist in Stockport you can have Expert waxing without having to travel to the city centre. We’re based in Cheadle, Stockport, easily accessible from the M60 and as we are just outside the village free parking is readily available nearby. We offer a huge range of waxing treatments and packages in fact our menu covers top to toe. Our most popular treatment is Intimate waxing such as Hollywood Waxing or Brazilian Waxing but we also pride ourselves on body speed waxing. You can have a full leg wax and be in and out of our salon in 30 minutes.

As Waxing experts our staff are fully qualified and insured, never complacent we run full staff training day every 3 months, this ensures all staff are kept up to date on health and safety, new techniques and products and have the opportunity to swap tips and tricks with each other.  We have been asked why we don’t offer other beauty treatments such as lashes or nails like most Beauty salons in Stockport that do a bit of everything, in answer to this we offer only waxing as it ensures we are highly skilled, practised and expert. Have you heard of Malcom Gladwells 10,000 hour rule? In his 2008 book ‘Outliers’ he states that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something expertly. Whether we agree with him or not it’s certainly true that practice makes perfect, this is why we dedicate our entire business to waxing alone.

When you Book your appointment at The Waxologist whichever treatment you choose you can be assured you’ll be welcomed by a friendly face who is a master of waxing

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