The most frequently asked questions answered

Here are the questions we get asked most often, we’ve kept it short and sweet here but you can read our blogs for more detailed information about waxing.

How long does my hair need to be to get a wax?

Ideally the length of a grain of rice, 5mm which takes most people 4 weeks to grow after any form of hair removal.

Do I need to trim my Bikini hair before my appointment?

NO! Please leave that to us for best results and read our guide to intimate waxing.

Can I get a Wax if I’m on a period?

Yes You CAN! See our blog  for more information

How often will I need to wax?

Every 4 weeks for best results

Can I wax when I’m pregnant?

Yes, waxing is safe at all stages of pregnancy. Read pregnancy waxing guide  blog.

Can I shave in between waxing appointments?

NO! Read our beginners guide to waxing to learn why

Is waxing Painful?

No waxing is completely pain free however our clients tell us ours is the most comfortable wax they ever had. Learn more about our waxing techniques

Can I go on the Sunbed before my wax appointment?

NO! Don’t sunbathe or sunbed for a week before your wax appointment.

Is waxing Hygienic?

Yes, our treatments are safe and hygienic…read our policy here

Will waxed hair grow back thicker and darker?

No, the opposite. As we remove the hair from the root it will grow back finer, softer and appear lighter in colour. Read about more benefits of waxing here

Is it unhealthy to wax pubic hair?

Certainly not! As long as you visit a reputable salon with experienced, skilled therapist that practice a high standard of hygiene. Aftercare advice should always be followed. Read ours here

What cream should I use after a wax?

Tea tree body icing which is available in our salon to purchase. Please read our aftercare blog here  for more information

Do you use Hot Wax or Strip Wax?

Both! Read our Guide to types of wax here

Can I wax if I have piles?

Yes, here is a blog with more information

How can I avoid getting Ingrown hairs?

Follow aftercare advice and read our ingrown hair blog here. 

What shall I use to exfoliate after a wax?

We stock a couple of options in the salon and you can read more about exfoliation here

What is the difference between a Hollywood and Brazilian Wax?

Come to our blog here  and we’ll tell you in detail!

Can I get waxed whilst on medication?

Most medications pose no contraindications but we ask all clients to fill out a pre treatment form to make sure we can wax them safely. See our blog for medications which are a contraindication.

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